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Gang stalking  [edit]

Gang stalking is stalking by several people who know each other and who have the same intent.

Mobbing is the most familiar type of gang stalking.

Bullying is also a familiar type of gang stalking when several children participate.

1 in 70 people experience gang stalking. 1 in 30 workers experience mobbing at work. 7 in 10 middle school and high school students experience bullying in school.

Gang stalking occurs frequently in apartment buildings, housing estates, shops, and libraries.

Gang stalking is also perpetrated by agents of the state, the Mafia, religious sects, and utility companies (electricity, gas, water, telephone, cable TV, internet).

Gang stalking can be so bad that you can never escape some degree of harassment. The harassment is often carried out in a way to blame the victim for the harassment. This is called victim blaming.

Gang stalking by agents of the state is an extreme form of fascism. In particular, a few victims have proven that they have implants. This is the most invasive type of stalking. It’s the most totalitarian invention in history.

Every article about gang stalking on Wikipedia has been deleted. Wikipedia has a problem with telling the truth when it’s embarrassing, like telling how many pets are abandoned each year (about 1 cat and 1 dog per 300 citizens), not to mention the number of people who fell under communism, 50 million perhaps? We urge you to suspend your belief in Wikipedia. Wikipedia finds pleasure in labeling the victims as mentally ill. We know that gang stalking and electronic harassment are designed to be used against everyone. At least one Al Qaeda suspect reported gross human rights violations in a detention centre in Guantanamo including electronic harassment.

After a consultation with James Walbert, Clinical Psychologist Cathy Meadows, M.A. wrote: “The techniques used against these targeted individuals are purposely designed to make the victim appear to have a mentally disorder in order to invalidate any claims of wrongdoing by the perpetrators. It is a highly organized and multi–faceted attack that is used by many political and religious extremists, by corporations and businesses, and even by organized crime.”

Psychologist Seth Farber

Dr. Seth Farber received his doctorate in psychology in 1984.


Dr. Seth Farber wrote: “Directed energy weapons are among the high-tech arms of the century. They hurt and kill with electromagnetic power. Microwave weapons can be aimed at computers, electrical devices, and persons. They have strong physical and psychological effects and can be used for military and terrorist activities. These weapons are also part of crimes (in Europe) that almost nobody knows except the victims and the offenders. Until now they make the perfect crime possible. No doubt, these weapons have a terrible future.”

If you are a victim, then I recommend that you download the backup of my gang stalking websites on May 12, 2014 (ZIP, 209.2 MB). Save this to a USB stick and keep it always in your wallet. This will help you whenever you have to defend yourself against accusations of mental illness.

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  1. Introduction
    1. Criminology
    2. Mind control
    3. Origin
    4. History
    5. Support
    6. Stalking statistics
  2. Victims
    1. Targeted individuals
    2. Who and why
    3. Signs of gang stalking
    4. Signs of electronic harassment
    5. Testimonies
    6. Voice to skull
    7. Implants
    8. Shootings
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Introduction  [edit]

Our definition allows to see different types of gang stalking:

  1. mobbing,
  2. bullying,
  3. stalking in apartment buildings,
  4. neighborhood stalking,
  5. judges and lawyers who are stalked by the Mafia because they sent a Mafia member to jail,
  6. stalking by the state.

Victims who complain on the internet are usually victims of gang stalking by the state. This is a life long experience.

It’s very difficult to get the word out about this because:

  1. The government denies that this is happening.
  2. The police are instructed not to help victims.
  3. Doctors are instructed to declare victims crazy.
  4. The press refuses to write about it because they get their tips from the police.
  5. The attacks are carried out in a deniable way.
  6. There are not many aware victims.
  7. The victims are unorganized.
  8. The victims have often problems with employment, housing, justice and so on, problems caused by perps.
  9. The victims can’t say who would want to do this and why.
  10. The victims are often incapacitated by electronic weapons.
  11. Perps pose as victims and spread ludicrous stories. They give victims a bad reputation.
  12. No one has ever admitted that he was a gang stalker. It can be compared to the time when no one had ever admitted that he was a Mafia member. Specifically we would like to know:
    1. Do gang stalkers carry concealed guns?
    2. Do gang stalkers have combat training or martial arts training?
    3. Do gang stalkers have preparedness training?
    4. Do gang stalkers have meetings where they sing sinister songs?
    5. Do gang stalkers have to give a part of their income to the stalking organization?
    6. Do gang stalkers have to sign blank papers?
    7. Do gang stalkers have to agree with an arranged marriage or adoption?
    8. Do gang stalkers have to ‘volunteer’ for medical experiments?
    9. Do gang stalkers have to donate organs to the stalking organization?

Contents  [hide]

  1. Criminology
  2. Mind control
  3. Origin
  4. History
  5. Support
  6. Stalking statistics

Criminology  [edit]

Gang stalking is mentioned in several scientific articles, which were published in scientific journals.

Gang stalking was discussed during a congress for criminologists in Barcelona in 2008.

Background  [edit]

The Belgian diplomat Myrianne Coen (pronounce Koon) used to work in the Belgian embassy in Bulgaria. In 1995 she noticed that the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs delivered visas to people of which she knew that they were personalities of the Bulgarian Mafia. She warned the Ministry several times. But, they ignored her. Even worse, they started to gang stalk her. Finally, in December 1996, she filed an official complaint for documents trafficking. In this complaint, she describes the gang stalking. Three months later she was found unconscious in the embassy. The Ministry sent her to a mental hospital. The diagnosis corroborated the testimony of persons who were involved in the harassment. She got fired. Her career spiralled down. They tried to cover it up for several years. In 2004 the Standing Intelligence Agencies Review Committee confirmed her claims. The Bulgarian Mafia had paid for the visas. She got a new job as an expert in the Military Centre for Strategic Studies in Rome.

This affair got much coverage in the news.

Gang stalking according to a criminologist  [edit]

In 2006 the Belgian criminologist Jean-Nicolas Desurmont interviewed the secret services of Belgium and France, and 13 victims: a professor, a judge, a lawyer, a diplomat and so on. Then he published his first article. His articles are in French. See eBooks.

Download the English translation (PDF, 724 K, 150 pages, readability 30%, reading age 21).

There are three types of stalking:

  1. single stalking,
  2. multiple stalking,
  3. organizational stalking.

If someone has a divorce because he wants a gay lifestyle, and his ex stalks him, and his neighbor stalks him because he doesn’t want a gay neighbor, then this is for the victim an experience which is different from the other types, so we see three types.

Stalking is organizational if:

  1. there are at least 2 stalkers,
  2. they know each other,
  3. they have the same intent.

Organizational stalking is called gang stalking.

The essence of intimidation in group is:

  1. the tyrannical attitude (denial of the point of view of the defense of the victim),
  2. the attitude of denunciation (circulation of rumors concerning the victim).

There are two types of gang stalking:

  1. political gang stalking perpetrated by political networks (government agents),
  2. apolitical gang stalking perpetrated by apolitical networks (Mafia).

Apolitical gang stalking is organized by the Mafia. Their goal is revenge. (The Mafia can’t stand some specific judges and lawyers.)

Political gang stalking is organized by the military intelligence. The goal is to fight organized crime. Specifically: to fight apolitical gang stalking perpetrated by apolitical networks from other countries. This is counterintelligence so this is done by the army. Political gang stalking is the usual way in which large drugs trafficking rings are dismantled.

The procedure:

  1. They choose almost randomly a person.
  2. They isolate him from the people that he knew by making him appear crazy.
  3. He gathers new suspect people around him.
  4. All these people are put under investigation.
  5. Wherever the suspect people go, the army recruits snitches. They form a large network that collects information. This can be stimulated with quota and bonuses for writing reports.
  6. Where it goes from here depends on the circumstances:
    1. Normally it goes on forever.
    2. If the suspect people cause a financial loss for the government, especially when there’s much drug related crime, then they are quickly arrested.
    3. If the suspect people appear to be an apolitical network then they are dismantled by monitoring and analyzing their cell phone use: the army knows where they are when they call each other. In this way they dismantled a gang stalking network in Louvain-la-Neuve (which counts 10,000 citizens) in Belgium. That’s to the southeast of Brussels. The members were all over the city. There was 50 metre between them.
    4. If the victim becomes aware of the harassment then he will resist. Generally, this is the situation of people who out themselves as a targeted individual. Then the goal changes: the victim has to be removed as quickly as possible from society so he can’t spread what he knows:
      1. prison,
      2. bedlam,
      3. forced suicide,
      4. murder. In this case, they will first toy some time with the victim to make him fear for his life. Then they suddenly kill him.

The surveillance of a targeted individual implies that he’s surveilled by several dozens of members of the police and military secret service per day.

The interference in his private life is more effective when it’s insidious, thus facilitating the general approval of the thesis of mental illness.

A gang stalking campaign is successful if the victim can’t prove the harassment.

The political success of these actions lies in the number of investigations carried out against offenders and criminals who have been at a certain moment in the immediate circle of the victim of harassment while avoiding that the victim understands the fact that he’s the pawn that serves as a starting point in the identification of suspect persons. These persons will proactively be investigated later.

The circle of a targeted individual or an important individual is always placed under surveillance.

Lookalikes of the circle of the victim are used by the forces of law and order to detect the persons who are informed of the characteristics of the circle of the victim.

So the victim is a disposable object around which the network is built. Who the victim is and what he has done doesn’t matter at any point in the procedure. The network is the political goal.

The characteristic property of political gang stalking is that they make the victim appear crazy.

All these categories are gang stalkers:

  1. nurses,
  2. ambulances,
  3. firemen,
  4. private and public security companies,
  5. banks,
  6. managers of institutions,
  7. embassies,
  8. harbour master’s offices,
  9. psychiatry,
  10. some private institutions like universities. Gang stalking has been observed for 12 months in a French speaking university in Belgium.

Gang stalkers collect information from the private life of their victim. Then this information is fed through the media to the victim. Victims call this media feedback. The right name is macro counter-espionage. In Belgium the Communications Service of the Ministry of Home Affairs delivers the ingredients to the media. This can be, for example, a first name. Then the media have to build the news item around this word. For example, when a child is missing, then the news item might be read by a journalist with the name Vandeputte, which is Dutch for Dutroux. For example, when a person with Down’s syndrome is in the news then the news anchor won’t say his name, except if he has the same family name as the victim. The media are sponsored by political persons. The media get their information from police and intelligence services. So they have no choice. They have to cooperate. The goal is to stop criminal actions of apolitical networks by showing that the government can do the same espionage as the apolitical networks.

Review  [edit]

Some subjects are missing in his articles:

  1. Freemasonry,
  2. mind control,
  3. electronic harassment,
  4. voice to skull,
  5. implants,
  6. satanism. (There are strong hints that the gang stalkers are a satanist cult. Currently we can’t prove that. But, clearly, there’s more that we don’t know yet.)
  7. He treats it as a national problem. For example, he explains why Belgian victims hear details from their private life in the Belgian news on TV, but he doesn’t explain why they experience the same with TV channels of many other countries.

We know more categories of gang stalkers:

  1. medical doctors,
  2. dentists,
  3. bus drivers,
  4. train drivers,
  5. taxi drivers,
  6. personnel of utility companies (gas, electricity, telephone, cable TV and so on),
  7. private and public gardening services,
  8. teachers.

Gang stalking is performed as much as possible at the expense of their employers and the government. So we see many stalkers who have to travel for their job.

Some questions remain unanswered:

  1. Why do targets experience the same harassments in every country they go, even in a country that is an enemy of their country of origin?
  2. Why are nearly all victims single women and gay men?
  3. Why are most victims female? If this is about fighting crime, then 90% of the victims should be male, because 90% of all crime is done by men.
  4. Why do all the police in the world deny that gang stalking exists?
  5. Why are networks like Al Qaeda or Hezbollah never attacked with gang stalking?
  6. Why did no one ever admit that he was a gang stalker? People have admitted that they were a spy, informant, Freemason, Mafia member, hitman or terrorist. Outing oneself as a gang stalker seems to be a problem of a higher order.

Most victims are not in a position to teach you something about organized crime.

In the past, the victims of the state were usually deaf, blind, handicapped, in the mental hospital or a home for the elderly.

So it looks more as if this is not about fighting crime, but about getting rid of people who can be missed, as they did in Nazi Germany.

So now we open our mind for the mind control atrocities of the past and see whether we find the answer there.

Mind control  [edit]

Mind control is the systematic use of unethically manipulative methods to persuade others to conform to the wishes of the manipulator.

Gang stalking is a sort of mind control. Gang stalking is a hate crime.

Electronic harassment is another sort of mind control. Electronic harassment is the use of electronic devices to harass, torture, and/or physically harm a person, or even the pets of the victim. Many electronic devices can have a negative side effect on your health. So they can be used for harassment.

About 50% of gang stalking victims experience also electronic harassment.

Voice to skull is a sort of electronic harassment. Many gang stalking victims hear voices. We suppose that the perpetrators use voice to skull to harass and hypnotize their victims.

Implants are a sort of electronic harassment. It’s the most invasive type of stalking. Some implant victims don’t experience gang stalking. Gang stalking victims see them as medical experimentees.

Mind control Venn diagram

Mind control victims are very much like prisoners of war who have been tortured. The difference is that they don’t know why they have been tortured, they don’t have their own army or support system, they have been tortured by citizens of their own country, and the torture is generally ongoing. Rather than any sort of sympathy or respect for having served their country by being selected for exploitation and torture for the sake of what is called national security or freedom, these veterans of mind control abuse are subjected to ridicule and abuse. The psychological torture, and often the physical torture, is ongoing.

Origin  [edit]

The origin of gang stalking is the Vehmic tribunal in Germany. It’s called Vehmgericht in German. It looked very much like Freemasonry. It was introduced by Charlemagne to get the areas that he conquered on the Germans under control.

This goal is different from what Desurmont has described.

Later the Stasi developed the current methods of gang stalking. They were copied by many other countries.

The goal of the Stasi was to make people stop damaging communism.

So gang stalking isn’t new. It exists already 800 years in its current form. But, this is new:

  1. It’s a world wide network.
  2. They use instant electronic communication.
  3. They use electronic weapons.

Today, the 21st degree of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is a representation of the Vehmic tribunal. (Source: Mackeys encyclopedia of Freemasonry.)

Read more on the Vehmic tribunal in Gangstalking — The Forbidden Book chapter 1.f. Secret societies (page 63 and following) (PDF, 60.9 MB, 522 pages, readability 73%, reading age 10).

History  [edit]

In 1956 Edgar Hoover ordered the start of COINTELPRO. He was the head of the FBI.

In 1971 COINTELPRO stopped.

In 1972 Roger Tolces invented the word electronic harassment. He’s a private investigator.

In 1973 Dr. Joseph Sharp demonstrated voice to skull. He worked for the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research.

In 1976 the congressional hearings about COINTELPRO concluded. No one was ever punished. No stalker has been exposed.

Around 1980 COINTELPRO on steroids started worldwide. The name of the program is unknown.

In 1992 Julianne McKinney started the anti-psychotronics movement. She had worked 40 years as a Military Intelligence Officer.

In 1993 Norma Cross and Eleanor White invented the word gang stalking. Eleanor White is a retired electronics engineer who used to work for the U.S. Army.

In 1999 Eleanor White started the www.raven1.net website.

In 2001 David Lawson described gang stalking in his book Terrorist stalking in America. He’s a private investigator from Florida.

In 2006 Jean-Nicolas Desurmont published an article about gang stalking. He’s a criminologist.

In 2006 the US Army confirmed that they use through-wall microwave body heating to mimic fever to incapacitate people. This takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

In 2007 David Lawson published a second book about gang stalking.

In 2008 gang stalking was discussed during a congress for criminologists in Barcelona.

In 2011 Larry Richard acknowledged gang stalking on TV. He’s a police Lieutenant.

In 2011 Ted Gunderson made an official statement about gang stalking. He was a former FBI agent.

In 2011 Amy Anderson filed the first official complaint that mentions electronic harassment.

In 2013 the Catholic Church of Switzerland was the first large organization to support our claims.

Support  [edit]

A few organizations and professionals acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and/or implants. They are not many, but, they cannot be ignored either.

Supporting organizations  [edit]

The following organizations acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and implants:

Download the complete text (PDF, 14.5 MB, 154 pages, readability 18%, reading age 19).

Supporting professionals  [edit]

The following professionals acknowledge gang stalking, electronic harassment and/or implants:



Former FBI agents:

Former Intelligence officers:

Former journalists:

Former judges:

Former Military Intelligence officers:

Former Navy:

Former NSA agents:

Former police instructors:

Former police officers:

Former presidents:

Former private investigators:

Former university instructors:


Medical doctors:


Private investigators:



Stalking statistics  [edit]

Stalking is unwanted pursuit, following or harassment.

Jean-Nicolas Desurmont claims that 1% of all men and 2% of all women are being stalked by multiple stalkers.

The National Centre for Victims of Crime of the USA Department of Justice has a website: www.VictimsOfCrime.org where they published statistics about stalking victims of 18 years old or older.

Statistics for stalking victims by sex

Statistics for stalking victimization by sex

Click on the image to see the original picture.

They don’t publish numbers about victims of multiple stalkers.

But, the statistics show that about 5% of stalking victims is a victim of at least one man plus one woman. This allows the following interesting calculation.

Spreadsheet that shows the number of victims of multiple stalkers

The statistics show that about one in 1,000 persons is an 18 years old or older victim of stalking by at least one man plus one woman: multiple stalkers.

We may assume that the number of people who are stalked by two men and the number of people who are stalked by two women is equal to the number of people who are stalked by one man plus one woman.

It shows that about 3 in 1,000 persons are 18 years old or older victims of stalking by at least 2 persons.

So if you live in a city with 10,000 citizens then there should be 30 persons of 18 years old or older who experience this. That’s about one person in every 4 streets.

It shows that stalking by multiple stalkers isn’t rare.

Victims  [edit]

The expressions targeted individual, mind control, gang stalking, electronic harassment and voice to skull have something in common: several ordinary words describe something controversial. One of the results is that when people want to describe gang stalking, then they will write complex sentences that are too difficult for children. These expressions make it more difficult to get the word out.

Contents  [hide]

  1. Targeted individuals
  2. Who and why
  3. Signs of gang stalking
  4. Signs of electronic harassment
  5. Testimonies
  6. Voice to skull
  7. Implants
  8. Shootings

Targeted individuals  [edit]

The victims call themselves targeted individuals.

In June 2013, there were about 1,400 persons who have outed themselves as a victim.

Gang stalking prevalence pie chart

60% of all victims are women. Most of them are independent women, who live alone and who want to make a career.

40% of all victims are men. 98% of them are gay.

Proud men with a high self-esteem attract this harassment.

Gang stalking victim distribution pie chart

These charts show that the distribution of gang stalking victims is totally different from the distribution of schizophrenia. These charts prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

Most victims have in common:

  1. They are perceived as not heterosexual enough. (They are not married, or they don’t have children.)
  2. Their family has connections with the army or security services.

Who and why  [edit]

Victims of gang stalking by the state have to wonder their whole life who is doing this to them and why.

I find this obvious questions. If you are a victim, then you certainly deserve to know the answer.

Who  [edit]

There are two theories:

  1. In the USA they believe that the secret services organize gang stalking and that these secret services are populated by Freemasons.
  2. In the UK they believe that the Freemasons organize gang stalking and that these Freemasons use the secret services to push their agenda.

I follow the British theory. As far as I know, Freemasonry is the only organization that is so corrupt and so mentally insane that it could be responsible for organizing gang stalking.

Clearly, there are relatively more victims in countries where there are relatively more Freemasons.

This doesn’t mean that all gang stalkers are Freemasons. The number of gang stalkers is much higher than the number of regular and accepted Freemasons. (The whisperers say 96% of the population.) The gang stalkers are a secret society, and they are satanists, but they are no regular and accepted Freemasons. Many gang stalkers are too young, too poor, or too abnormal to apply for membership.

Gang stalkers who are not a Freemason are called familiars. They are people who help Freemasons because they hope that some day they will get an invitation to become Freemason.

I know that it sounds far-fetched:

  1. Freemasons organize gang stalking.
  2. Freemasons are satanists.

I’m aware that Freemasons won’t like it when I write like that. I also read complaints on other websites.

Now look at the evidence:

If you want to learn to know the Freemasons, then listen to the people who left Freemasonry. Jim Shaw was a Freemason from Florida, who left Freemasonry, and who converted to Christianity. He claimed to be a 33rd degree Freemason, but I ignore whether that was true. He wrote the book Deadly Deception. This is a quote from Jim Shaw that is circulating on the internet: “All have mental questions to even join in the first place. To be so corrupt… so criminally insane, mentally insane… to gangstalk the helpless… to murder the helpless… to teach their children to hate the "profane," you and I, the non masons… to worship not 1 but 3 evil gods… to join something and swear to, not having NO idea what you have sworn to… pure insanity !!!… to enjoy little boys and girls… even their own children… and their mothers… themselves in the rituals.”

This quote says clearly: “to gangstalk the helpless…”

In July 1889, Albert Pike was the Sovereign Pontiff of the Universal Freemasonry. He wrote in a letter: “The true and pure philosophic religion is the belief in Lucifer, the equal of God.”

Why  [edit]

Clearly, Freemasons organize gang stalking because they are doing their master, the Satan, a favor.

But, there’s more. Now take a look at this. These are the things that Freemasons hate most of all:

  1. celibacy,
  2. homosexuality.

It’s very easy to connect the dots: gang stalking is organized by Freemasons because they believe that you HAVE to reproduce.

Now take a look at their symbol, the square and compass:

Phallus in uterus God

  1. The square represents the vagina or the earth.
  2. The compass represents the phallus or the sun which impregnates the earth with life-producing rays.
  3. The G means Generation: creation of new life.

So the symbol means phallus in uterus God. It means that hetero sex is God.

Of course, a secret organization that pledges oaths of persecution and that is obsessed with reproduction has to be really bad news for single women and gay men, the usual victims of gang stalking. This becomes visual in gang stalking. This is how they revealed themselves.

The word Freemasonry is now silently being replaced with the word gang stalking because that’s the activity for which we know them best.

Read more about Freemasonry on https://archive.org/details/FreemasonryExposedByFreemasons

Signs of gang stalking  [edit]

If you recognize several events on the following list, then you are probably a victim of gang stalking.

Signs of electronic harassment  [edit]

If you recognize several events on the following list, then you are probably a victim of electronic harassment.

Testimonies  [edit]

John Finch from Australia collects the victim stories. If you want to out yourself as a victim, then you can send your story to:

    John Finch,
    5/8 Kemp Street,
    Thornbury, Vic 3071,
    TEL: 0424009627

This is one of the most useful things that you can do as a victim. Perps assume that no one will ever hear what happened to you, because gang stalking sites and victim blogs are only visited by a handful of victims, so the perps can do whatever they want. This changes when John Finch sends your story to a long list of email addresses.

Start your message like this:

    NAME: John Smith
    Citizenship: USA
    Year Torture/Abuse Began: 2001
    Email: john.smith@yahoo.com
    WEB: johnsmith.blogspot.com

Later you can update your story. Your new message will be appended to your old story. So you write only what’s new.

These testimonies show that gang stalking victims are experiencing the same specific harassments all over the world while the experiences of schizophrenics are more general and more different. These testimonies prove that the victims are not mentally ill.

Voice to skull  [edit]

Sooner or later, a targeted individual will complain of hearing voices.

Voice to skull harassment is the most familiar type of electronic harassment.

Voice to skull was first demonstrated in 1973 by Dr. Joseph Sharp.

Sharp and Grove (Note 2) found that appropriate modulation of microwave energy can result in direct 'wireless' and 'receiverless' transmission of SPEECH

In the article Microwaves and Behavior on page 396 in the American Psychologist of March 1975 Dr. Don R. Justesen says clearly: Sharp and Grove (Note 2) found that appropriate modulation of microwave energy can result in direct “wireless” and “receiverless” communication of SPEECH.

The definition of voice to skull appeared a few years ago on a website of the US army.

You can still view it on www.archive.org.

CALL voice to skull devices

Note that they call it a weapon. So it’s not a communication device like a telephone.

There’s a countermeasure that works: an underground facility with vacuum panels against the walls, the ceilings and the floors. Many armies in the world have such facilities.

Download the technical details of voice to skull (PDF, 404 K, 17 pages, readability 65%, reading age 12).

Implants  [edit]

8 men have proven that they have implants.

I made a separate website which is dedicated to these cases: www.implant-victims.com.

Implant Victims home page

Shootings  [edit]

One person has caused a massacre because he believed that he was attacked with gang stalking and electronic harassment.

I made a separate website which is dedicated to such cases: www.GangstalkerDown.com.

Gangstalker Down home page

Media  [edit]

In October 2008 I started to collect everything about gang stalking that I could find.

The most popular item on this website is the book with victim stories from the USA. Forwood’s book is also very popular.

The most interrupted download is my own book, mainly because it’s such a big file. So before you start to download, be sure that you want to download such a big file.

The books are sorted in order of readability.

Contents  [hide]

  1. eBooks
  2. Books
  3. Radio shows
  4. Movies
  5. Video games
  6. Advertisements

eBooks  [edit]


Early stuff — Eleanor White and Norma Cross were the first activists in the field of gang stalking. They didn’t treat mobbing as a type of gang stalking. Their definition of gang stalking describes only gang stalking by the state. This provokes immediately the embarrassing question: “Who would want to do this and why?” and the embarrassing answer: “I never heard about this.”

Electronic diagrams:







Victim stories:

Kooky stuff:

There are 44 eBooks on this page with a total of 10449 pages.

Books  [edit]

Books written by scientists:

Books written by investigators:

Books written by victims:

Radio shows  [edit]

The Investigative Journal:

Movies  [edit]

Movies for victims and open-minded people:

Video games  [edit]

Video games for victims and open-minded people:

Advertisements  [edit]

In this chapter I will discuss all advertisements that are related to gang stalking.

Billboard on September 26, 2012  [edit]

On September 26, 2012 the bogus group FFCHS placed this billboard in Rhoades.

Gang stalking billboard placed by FFCHS on September 26, 2012

The ad doesn’t contain the words gang stalking or electronic harassment.

There are 18 words in the ad, of which 17 start with a capital letter. 13 words are on a black background. 7 words are Italic. 5 words are in a narrow font. So the readability is very low.

So the message is reduced to: call this number. But, if you call this number, then what? Interception of calls is very common.

I designed these better billboards. They address the reader directly.

This is clear, readable and colorful:

Gang stalking billboard by Cliff Huylebroeck: Gang stalking in Frisco

This is clearer, but less colorful and less attractive because it has no picture:

Gang stalking billboard by Cliff Huylebroeck: gang stalking

This is in grayscale:

Gang stalking billboard by Cliff Huylebroeck: Minor things can ruin your life

This is Justin Bieber actually:

Gang stalking billboard by Cliff Huylebroeck: Gang stalking kills 1,000 Americans per day

When people walk close to the billboard, then you can try something artistic:

Gang stalking billboard by Cliff Huylebroeck: Jesus says stop gang stalking

Magazine ad on July 16, 2013  [edit]

On July 16, 2013 the bogus group FFCHS placed this ad in the Washington Post Express.

Gang stalking ad in Washington Post Express placed by FFCHS on July 16, 2013

The ad is a letter which is addressed to the president. This is very readable, in large white capital letters on a black background. So it’s not addressed to most readers. The ad is screaming: don’t read me, this is for the president.

The letter is Italic. So the readability is very low.

The ad doesn’t contain the words gang stalking or electronic harassment.

At the end of the letter the reader learns that he can become the next victim.

It’s a waste of advertisement space. The letter should have been on a web page. Its link should have been in the ad. Then there’s room for a real ad.

I designed this better ad. It’s clear, readable and colorful. It addresses the reader directly.

Gang stalking ad in Washington Post Express as imagined by Cliff Huylebroeck

About  [edit]

In January 2012 I started www.hearingvoices-is-voicetoskull.com. It was meant for people who realize that they hear voices, so they go to Google and search hearing voices. Then I explained what voice to skull is, and I gave an introduction to gang stalking. I thought that this website would attract many people who hear voices. But, the information on my website was mainly about gang stalking. So it attracted mainly people who knew already what gang stalking is. So I changed the plan. I started this website. The design is completely different: it’s only one page. The first website had many pages, one for every subject. But, people are used to slow links, so they don’t follow links anymore.

Contents  [hide]

  1. About this website
  2. About Wikipedia
  3. About psychiatry

About this website  [edit]

Perps wrote a paragraph about gang stalking in the Wikipedia article about stalking. This paragraph is very negative for the victims. It’s heavily guarded. If you delete it then they will revert it almost immediately. I’m sure[weasel words] that they do this to influence the search engine results.

Most people will go to their search engine and type gang stalking wiki.

On June 4, 2013 I saw that Google returned 151,000 results for gang stalking wiki.

This was the top of the list:

Google results for gang stalking wiki

I wondered whether I could eventually have a better ranking than Wikipedia on top of this list. Wikipedia is a large site, but the word gang was only 4 times on the Stalking page.

I saw that Google returned some of my websites as result # 1 when I searched for the words in their name.

So I knew that it was doable, especially if I post large texts about gang stalking.

On August 14 I googled gang stalking wiki and my site was already hit number 2.

If I add new text to this site, then it can temporarily be number 1.

On December 16 I googled gang stalking wiki:

Google result for gang stalking wiki

About Wikipedia  [edit]

This section has multiple issues

Wikipedia is not scientific. It’s not coherent. For example, on one page they wrote that Jesus is a historical person. On another page they wrote that Jesus has never existed.

Wikipedia is not neutral. It’s based on what people say on TV, or write in a magazine. That’s not a good reference.

Wikipedia won’t publish a dissenting opinion. For example, they won’t allow that you write about drone attacks on a list of terrorist incidents. They will rather terminate that article.

Wikipedia deletes all articles that are related to gang stalking.

Some facts about Wikipedia  [edit]

When Pope Benedict XVI was elected, the Wikipedia editors made a page for him, with a photograph of the villain from Star Wars.

Wikipedia has a lengthy entry on Jesus H. Christ. Wikipedia calls it often humorous, joking and comedic. They refuse to admit that it’s an anti-Christian mockery.

Wikipedia uses unflattering photographs for homosexual persons.

More than thousand pages include the word nigger, many in the page title.

Google result for Barack Obama

Wikipedia denies global warming, water fluoridation and peak oil.

Wikipedia editors alter the use of the terms he or she in articles regarding cross-dressing / transsexual figures. Men attempting to pass as females are called she while women attempting to pass as men are called he. This usage is absolutely incorrect in both scientific and legal senses.

When NBA Basketball player Jason Collins announced that he was a homosexual, his Wikipedia biography was altered to say that he was a faggot. When an editor attempted to change the word to gay Wikipedia’s anti-vandalism robot changed it back.

There are many complaints of falsified biographies. In 2005 the Wikipedia editors attacked prominent journalist John Seigenthaler for requesting that they remove from his biography that he was involved in the assassination of JFK.

Wikipedia falsely reported that the prime minister of Norway, Jens Stoltenberg, was a pedophile who had served time in prison.

Google result for Jens Stoltenberg

Wikipedia’s article on dinosaurs contains no mention of the strong evidence that they existed alongside humans.

Wikipedia’s main article on communism doesn’t mention any act of genocide in communist countries. Any attempts to edit the page to include this information are deleted. (They butchered 50 million people.)

Professor Duguid looked up the 17th-century English writer Daniel Defoe. He found eight substantial errors in the first paragraph alone, including Defoe’s date of birth, date of death, the town where he was born, his father’s occupation, the reason he changed his name, and the explanation for his rise to notoriety. Professor Duguid: My corrections were undone by people who clearly had little idea what they were talking about almost as quickly as they were made by me.

Google result for Bill Gates

About psychiatry  [edit]

The 14th century priests burned heretics alive. This was logic, rational, reasonable and scientific. Psychiatry is just the same. Poisoning, butchering or electrocuting someone’s brain is logic, rational, reasonable and scientific. They believe nonsense. They believe it sincerely. They become extremely convinced of it. They strive forever incessantly to make others agree and conform to their own ideas and expectations of belief and behavior. The religious fanatic and the scientific zealot are simple different versions of the same nutty phenomenon. The content of their assertions and beliefs differ, but the manner in which they function is exactly the same. In a very real sense both the 14th century priest and the modern psychiatrist are nothing more than very dull people, incapable of calm detached observation of what actually is, and who chronically believe and assert very stupid ideas that far too many other people readily accept without any careful examination or resistance. And the funniest part is that generally the scientific folks attack and claim to be so superior to the religious folks, in terms of truth, reason and legitimacy when they really do exactly the same thing! They suffer from the same degree of lunacy as did the religious nuts of the past which they so correctly criticize and attack.

Do not base your opinion only on what members of the psychiatric field tell you. Liquor manufacturers will not tell you that their products cause liver damage, that they are the source of numerous automobile related deaths every year, and encourage you to cease drinking liquor. In fact, they will involve themselves and you in endless rational discussions and reasonable arguments about responsible partying, drinking with control, designated drivers, take lots of B vitamins and so on, and do everything but suggest the one and only effective and sensible thing. Simply choose not to drink at all and encourage others to do the same. Similarly, no psychiatrist will tell you that psychiatric procedures harm people and that you should avoid them at all cost. Even if he or she knew or suspected this, he or she couldn’t endure the loss of income, status and authority this would entail. After all, psychiatry is primarily a business. It is a money-making venture just like the liquor manufacturers. It is not a field ultimately concerned with helping people and society. Any honest study of its history and practices makes this abundantly clear. And again, pay no attention to what they say or claim. People can and do believe and say anything, and far too often what they say and believe has nothing at all to do with truth or your best interests.

The mental health community aids in repression by directly diagnosing and even institutionalizing against their will people who claim to be mind control victims. This is nothing short of the former Soviet system of using psychiatry to discredit and silence dissidents and others. There really are mentally ill people, and their illnesses are used as cover lies for torture. The mental health system should be considered collaborators in repression, at least until their diagnostic manuals have entries for electronic and other mind control, nonconsensual experimentation, and trauma and torture sequelae due to harassment campaigns. The psychiatric community is used to enforce belief in the socially demanded delusion that the government does not engage in extrajudicial torture and harassment of its own citizens (and the delusion that the psychiatric community doesn’t have years of mind control blood on its hands).

The psychiatric and psychological communities are also used as tools in the repression and torture. Sometimes wittingly, sometimes unwittingly, mental health workers aid in and help cover up mind control operations. First, these communities aid in the repression by advertising mental illnesses and their symptoms while ignoring technological means for inflicting the same symptoms. They ignore the reality of government harassment campaigns and nonconsensual experimentation on the public. This lays the groundwork for mind control victims to be labeled as mentally ill and dismissed, or for some half-educated person to think that they are helping by suggesting that the victim get psychiatric help. Deniability is one of the first principles of covert action, and inflicting torture which mimics the symptoms of mental illness is not especially novel. The deniability is preserved by publicizing mental illnesses while denying mind control technology and harassment techniques.

Websites  [edit]

Before you start to read websites about gang stalking you should realize that disinfo is a very important part of gang stalking. Victims create websites, forums, books, videos, MP3’s and so on to spread their ideas. Gang stalkers will use the same means to spread their own distorted version of the truth. They know government and the press so well that they can present their material so if government or the press want to read something about gang stalking then they will choose something that was made by gang stalkers, and if they want to invite a speaker, then they will invite a gang stalker.

Gang stalkers will always try to suppress the truth about gang stalking. But, if the word gets out, then gang stalkers will make it sound as crazy as possible.

Typically, if you believe that you are being stalked by several people, then you will have great difficulty to say this on TV. But, if they say something about mind control on TV, then they invite Magnus Olsson with his strange stories about nano implants.

Contents  [hide]

  1. Most common types of disinfo
  2. Recommended websites
  3. Gang stalking websites
  4. Short analysis

Most common types of disinfo  [edit]

  1. Disinfo for the unaware public.
    1. Claims that there is no organized stalking.
    2. Claims that complaints about mind control can be explained as mental illness.
    3. Claims that COINTELPRO has stopped.
    4. Claims that voice to skull can’t transmit an entire sentence into someone’s head.
    5. Claims that gang stalking is an unnotable conspiracy theory of a fringe group.
  2. Disinfo for gang stalkers.
    1. Claims that the target has a long criminal record.
    2. Claims that the target is a thief.
    3. Claims that the target is a prostitute.
    4. Claims that the target is a drug user.
    5. Claims that the target is a drug dealer.
    6. Claims that the target is a pedophile.
    7. Claims that electronic harassment is harmless.
    8. Claims that they are doing their community and country a great service.
    9. Claims that what they do is not illegal.
    10. Claims that the victim deserves it.
    11. Claims that the victim ordered the treatment (!).
  3. Disinfo for victims.
    1. Lies for victims.
      1. Claims that gang stalking doesn’t exist.
        1. Claims that gang stalking is an artificial experience that is caused by electronic harassment.
      2. Claims that the harassment is not done by the state, the Freemasons and the Mafia.
        1. Claims that the harassment is done by unknown groups.
        2. Claims that the harassment is done by anti-government groups.
        3. Claims that the harassment is done by extremist groups.
        4. Claims that the harassment is done by rogue cops.
        5. Claims that the harassment is done by some private militia.
        6. Claims that the harassment is done by terrorists.
        7. Claims that gang stalkers are not human (devils, aliens, beings from another dimension).
      3. Claims that the goal is not total control over every individual.
        1. Claims that the goal is suicide.
        2. Claims that the goal is a rampage.
        3. Claims that the goal is to isolate you.
      4. Claims that minimize the role of gang stalkers.
        1. Claims that gang stalkers are unaware of what they do because they are remotely controlled by the technology.
        2. Claims that gang stalkers are unaware how bad it is for the victims.
        3. Claims that gang stalkers are a group of loosely affiliated people.
        4. Claims that only a small number of stalkers are necessary to keep up the harassment of a single victim.
        5. Claims that people are intrinsically good.
        6. Claims that there are also good cops, you should remain polite when you talk to them and you should try to keep them as a friend.
      5. Claims that minimize the role of the technology.
        1. Claims that the vivid dreams are not entirely artificial but rather a minor manipulation.
        2. Claims that victims are made sick with poison instead of microwaves.
      6. Claims that exotic technology is being used instead of the obvious alternative.
        1. Claims that electronic harassment is done by satellites rather than your neighbors.
        2. Claims that electronic harassment is done by nano-scale implants.
        3. Claims that the stalkers would use through-wall radar rather than miniature cameras.
        4. Claims that the stalkers would use V2K to communicate with each other rather than a miniature earpiece.
        5. Claims that the stalkers would see through your own eyes rather than to use miniature cameras.
        6. Claims that things that grow out of your skin are Morgellons rather than implants.
    2. Half-truths for victims.
      1. The 75% activist will try to replace the mind control terms with terms that are even less known, for example, gang stalking is replaced with organized stalking, electronic harassment is replaced with electronic assaults, V2K is replaced with V2S.
      2. The 50% activist will cut his information in two parts and then upload only the first part.
      3. The 25% activist will make a bad choice to limit the success of his action, for example, he chooses a .info domain instead of a .com domain.
      4. The 0% activist will do something to make his action fail. For example, he publishes an ad, but the text is difficult to read, or he collects complaints and he sends them to the wrong authority, or he encourages others to complain to the wrong authority.
    3. While most disinfo is intentional, the donkey activist will spontaneously repeat someone else’s disinfo.
    4. While most disinfo is a personal choice, the robot activist will forcibly repeat silent hypnosis.
    5. Some activists will deliberately say half-truths because they fear that they will be sent to a mental hospital.

Recommended websites  [edit]

All websites are in alphabetical order.

Anti-stalking  [edit]

Anti-Wikipedia  [edit]

Anti-psychiatry  [edit]

Gang stalking websites  [edit]

Registered domain names have a blue number. Bad names have a red number. Good names have a green number.

Discussion groups are not in the list. I never received the confirmation email while trying to register for such a group, so I don’t list them.

Torrents are not in the list. I never succeeded in downloading a torrent, so I don’t list them.

Some of these websites may be disinfo or even harassment platforms. Take a look at them and make your own opinion.

If a perp wants to mess with you then the easiest way is to pretend that he’s a victim.

Forums  [edit]

Ning groups  [edit]

Blogger blogs  [edit]

Word Press blogs  [edit]

Other blogs  [edit]

Other  [edit]

People with several websites  [edit]

Benjamin Simon from Belgium: (His websites tell almost the same.)

Bob S, a lawyer from the USA:

Cliff Huylebroeck from Belgium:

Eleanor White from Canada:

Gregory Morse from the USA:

Dr. Henning Witte from Sweden:

Jewel Krayan, the author of Electronic torture, electronic rape. Technology and gang stalking at the post office.

Lez from France

Mark Rich from the USA:

Michael Sweeney from the USA:

Mikael Helin from Sweden:

Miyoko Goto from Germany: (She used the pseudonym Jane Bauer when she applied for asylum in Switzerland.)

Monika Stoces from Belgium:

Paolo Dorigo from Italy:

Peter Mooring from the Netherlands: (His websites tell almost the same.)

Roberto Scaruffi from Italy: (He was almost Doctor of Political Sciences.)

Shawnna Armstrong from the USA:


Youcef Zaouali from Belgium:

Websites in other languages  [edit]

Short analysis  [edit]

There are links to 337 gang stalking sites on this page.

23 sites have a good name (about 7 %).

156 sites have a registered domain name (about 46 %).

About 1 in 5 victims makes a website.

If the number of aware victims grows at the same rate as the number of gang stalking websites, then we can predict the number of aware victims:

Prediction of number of gang stalking victims

This calculation was based on the observation that the number of gang stalking websites grew with 0.22% per day during 24 weeks.

The following calculation shows a simulation of aware victims between 1993 to 2013. Their number grew with 0.057% per day.

Simulation of number of gang stalking victims

Since June 2013 the awareness grows 4 times faster than in the past 20 years.

Advice for your own website  [edit]

I’m Bachelor of Informatics. I made my first website in 1996. I think that I made 8 websites, 4 blogs and 2 forums.

Contents  [hide]

  1. Experiences
  2. Tips
  3. Questions
  4. Types
  5. Statistics
  6. Promotion
  7. HTML help
  8. Demo website

Experiences  [edit]

This is a short list of my experiences with my own websites.

Best experiences  [edit]

  1. All my websites are in free webspace.
  2. All my websites have a registered domain name.
  3. All my websites are hosted on Apache servers.
  4. All my websites were written by a program that I wrote in Scheme, which is a dialect of Lisp.

Worst experiences  [edit]

  1. Test your website with several browsers because it can show up differently.
  2. If you make a complex website and you translate it completely into several languages, then it becomes nightmarish to update it.
  3. It is tempting to make URLs in JavaScript. Such links cannot be checked. They are not spidered. I made several websites with JavaScript. I always had to remove the scripts.
  4. Pages load too slowly when they have a Java applet. I made several websites with Java applets. I always had to remove the applets.
  5. I always had to remove the frames. When people use a search engine, they can arrive in a frame. If you link to the rest of your site in a frame, then that page will appear inside the frame, except if you use
  6. I never embed a color profile in a picture.
  7. I never use dither.
  8. If your document will be displayed at x %, and you change the resolution of your pictures to 72.27 * x % without resampling (scaling), then they should appear in Reader like in your graphics program at 100%. I tried that with several text processors and PDF writers. The chance that every picture will appear correctly is very small.

Tips  [edit]

These tips can save you much headache.

Use always Windows line endings (carriage return + line feed) for all your text files, except .htaccess files require UNIX line endings (line feed).

carriage return = 13 (decimal) = 0D (hexadecimal).

line feed = 10 (decimal) = 0A (hexadecimal).

Files  [edit]

  1. Use a link checker.
  2. The names should be shorter than 32 characters so they won’t give trouble when they are copied to a Classic Macintosh.
  3. All your files should have a different name even when they are in different folders.
  4. Use the shortest extensions (htm instead of html, jpg instead of jpeg and tif instead of tiff).
  5. Place all HTML files in the root. Then there won’t be ../ in your links.
  6. On some servers a style sheet needs to be in the root.
  7. Place all media files in a Media folder with subfolders for images, PDF and so on.
  8. You can avoid many file not found errors by installing special files:
    1. robots.txt is a simple file that tells robots which files they may look at.
    2. favicon.ico is a small image that appears next to the URL in the location toolbar.
      This image may be transparent.
      A simple 16x16 icon can be included like this:
      <link href="favicon.ico" type="image/vnd.microsoft.icon" rel="icon">
      There are several variants.
      You can also include an icon for iPhones.
    3. humans.txt is a simple file in which you may tell something about yourself.
    4. error documents. These files are sent when an error occurs.

HTML  [edit]

  1. Summary:
    1. Type your text.
    2. Never use the word though. Many disinfo artists use this word to show other perps that they are a disinfo artist. It’s a sign of recognition.
    3. Use a spell checker.
    4. Use a grammar checker.
    5. Convert the special characters.
    6. Paste it in your HTML page.
    7. Use a HTML validator.
    8. Use a link checker.
  2. Your text and style should say your message clearly.
  3. Your HTML and style should be correct. Your spelling and grammar should be correct. Typing mistakes and grammar mistakes are a downer that makes people tune you out.
  4. Mistakes in tables (incomplete rows or columns) can become visible when someone opens the page in Word. Then you can become the object of mockery.
  5. Your pages should load quickly.
  6. Your pages should use little memory.
  7. It should be easy to update your pages.
  8. HTML was designed to define the contents of a page. It was not designed to define the layout of a page. So generally, the more you care about the layout, the more trouble you may expect.
  9. Verdana was designed to be the most readable font for websites.
  10. Indent your text and balance your tags:
  11. Convert special characters to character entity references:
    Convert especially those that are part of the HTML syntax:
  12. Put values of attributes always between single or double quotes even when they are numbers:
  13. When you link to a PDF or to a page on another website then you should open it in a new window:
    <a href="http://…" target="_blank">text</a>
    Otherwise they leave your website.
  14. Use smart quotes:
    “Hey,” he said, “When I say ‘Go’ you start running.”

Pictures  [edit]

  1. I use always GIF, JPEG and PNG. They have a comment with a list of my websites. Sometimes one of my pictures is copied to another website which displays also the comment. This creates a link to my websites.
  2. My pages appear faster because every img tag has a width and height attribute.
  3. Every img tag needs to have an alt attribute.
  4. I use always lossless compression.
  5. I use always QuickTime 6 compression.
  6. JPEG isn’t really lossless. Every time you recompress it, you lose a bit of the quality. You should always keep the original picture.
  7. JPEG2000 is often advertised as lossless but it is not lossless. Try it and you will see.
  8. PNG is generally a good choice for Windows screenshots. PNG is like GIF but PNG has millions of colors while GIF has 256 colors. If you have doubt, then save your picture in multiple formats and then see which is smaller.
  9. If a picture contains a photograph then you should use JPEG, even if there are large parts with the same color. If it really matters that the colors are correct then you should use PNG. For example, if a button has round corners and the rest of the rectangle is filled with the page color, then you should use PNG.
  10. A website with anti-aliased pictures and text looks more modern.

Color management  [edit]

Modern computers can work with color management. The goal is that every picture appears everywhere with the right colors. For example, if a picture has been made by a scanner or camera, and you want to display or print it, then you need the color profile of the scanner or camera and the color profile of the monitor or printer. Special software like ColorSync will adapt the colors of the picture. The color profile can be embedded in the picture.

  1. Too dark pictures are the most common problem in digital photography.
  2. Before you work with pictures, you should check the color management preferences of your graphics programs and the control panel ColorSync. Perps like to change these settings and then your pictures are typically too dark. These programs come like an affliction, but they are capable of shredding all your pictures.
  3. When you don’t use color management, and you open a picture with an embedded color profile then it appears with ‘incorrect’ colors. But, if you save it as a picture without embedded color profile then the colors can be automatically converted to fit the color profile. This means that the colors of your picture are ‘correct,’ but possibly not what you wanted, because it can be different from what you saw on screen.
  4. If you convert a picture, then you should always compare the result to the original.
  5. When you change the color profile of your monitor then this doesn’t change the colors that you measure on screen.

Color reduction  [edit]

Color reduction is changing the bit depth of the picture from 32 bit to 16, 8, 4, 2 or 1 bit. Some programs allow you to choose exactly how many colors you want to use.

  1. GraphicConverter can automatically dither during color reduction. You can disable this in the Options menu in the Colors item of the Picture menu.
  2. The color table of a picture with indexed colors like GIF can be minimized. This means that pixels with the same color have the same index, and every color appears only once in the color table. This creates a smaller file.
  3. If you change from X colors to Y colors but you used no more than Y colors, then your colors remain unchanged. Otherwise, your colors are changed. So when you save as a GIF then you should compare the result to the original. Especially when you reduce to 4 colors, the colors can be unacceptable.
  4. Some servers don’t accept GIFs with a particular bit depth. So if you upload a GIF and you get an error, then it could be the bit depth.

GraphicConverter  [edit]

I use the program GraphicConverter, which I usually call GraphicDestructor or ColorGrinder.

I pay a bit more attention to this program because it’s typical of the trouble that you can get with graphical programs.

  1. It can damage the directory because it saves temporary files in the root. You can prevent this by choosing a RAM disk as the scratch disk.
  2. It has many settings, and some are in unexpected places. If you are not careful, then your pictures are destroyed.
  3. It can automatically dither the clipboard. You can disable this in the preferences.
  4. It can optimize the colors of a GIF. This creates indeed smaller files, but with loss of quality.

Photoshop  [edit]

  1. It has the best scaling. Use bicubic resampling for anti-aliased pictures. For pictures with jaggies (without anti-aliasing) nearest neighbor resampling might be better.
  2. Use smooth fonts. They use more colors, but the distance between the characters will be better.
  3. If you double click on a text layer then you get a window with options for adding shadows to text.
  4. Learn to align layers.
  5. Learn to align layers to a selection.
  6. Store your work as a PSD with layers.

ImageReady  [edit]

  1. This program has some features from Photoshop. It allows you to change the gamma.

Illustrator  [edit]

  1. It allows you to type on a path.

PDF  [edit]

  1. PDF has become an important feature of websites. You should learn to perform all types of conversions.
  2. Acrobat is a program that can edit PDF documents.
  3. Acrobat 6 (PDF 1.5) is the last version that you can use without software activation.
  4. PDF 1.5 (Reader 6) and higher can be compressed.
  5. There are problems on a Classic Macintosh and some versions of UNIX:
    1. PDF 1.4 (Reader 5) is the highest version that can be used.
    2. Uncompressed documents of a higher version can often be viewed.
    3. JPEG2000 images cannot be viewed.
  6. PDF Split And Merge allows you to split and merge documents with embedded subsets of fonts. This cannot be done by some versions of Acrobat. It can convert between Reader 3 and Reader 8. If you want a compressed file, then the result has to be Reader 6 to Reader 8.
  7. Atomic PDF Password Recovery allows you to remove the security in a snap.
  8. If you don’t have a registered version of Acrobat then doPDF allows you to print to a PDF 1.5 (Reader 6) document. This will convert JPEG 2000 images to JPEG.

Robots  [edit]

Of course, you would like that websites like Google find everything on your website.

  1. A website with simple HTML can easily be viewed and spidered.
  2. It can be copied by www.archive.org. They will publish it between 6 and 24 months after they copied your site. This is a slow website. If your HTML is really simple, then it can comfortably be viewed on this website.

WayBack robot intro

Access  [edit]

If your website is hosted on an Apache server, then you may define .htaccess files. They define how people may access your website. You can stop people from displaying your files on their website. That would be theft of bandwidth.


RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://gangstalkingdemo.com/.*$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://gangstalkingdemo.com$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.gangstalkingdemo.com/.*$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_REFERER} !^http://www.gangstalkingdemo.com$ [NC]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !(googlebot|xenu|yahoo) [NC]

RewriteRule .*\.(css|gif|ico|jpg|pdf|png|txt|zip)$ - [F,NC]

ErrorDocument 401 /errors/401.shtml
ErrorDocument 403 /errors/403.shtml
ErrorDocument 404 /errors/404.shtml
ErrorDocument 500 /errors/500.shtml

Options -Indexes

The first 7 instructions mean that files with the extensions css, gif, ico, jpg, pdf, png, txt and zip may only be accessed by HTML pages on the site www.gangstalkingdemo.com and by the robots googlebot, xenu, and yahoo. Then you can check your links with Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

You can also define error documents.

The last line means that the server may not generate an index document if someone types the URL of a folder on your website.

You may put a .htaccess file in every folder. The .htaccess file of a folder overrides the .htaccess file of its super folder.

You can create an unprotected folder in which you put files that may be copied. For example, you can put here a PDF which contains links to your websites. This file will be copied by websites which collect PDF files. They display these files on their website. This creates a link to your websites.

Questions  [edit]

Types  [edit]

Thus far, the best way of action was to publish text and images on a website.

In my opinion, your own webspace with a registered domain name is the best choice. I have had several blogs and forums and I really wouldn’t reconsider.

Blogs  [edit]


  1. They are hosted on a website with a high page ranking.
  2. They have often a calendar that creates automatic pages that are indexed by search engines.
  3. They are often on top of search engine results.


  1. They have terrible names. gangstalkingwiki.wordpress.com would have been a bad name for this website.
  2. They can be too modern, so they cannot be viewed on an old computer. Blog pages can often not be viewed on a Classic Macintosh because such a computer has a limited memory.
  3. They can be difficult to remove.
  4. They are not suitable for teaching someone what gang stalking is.
  5. A website with dynamic pages that take some time to load will discourage readers to follow the links on your website.
  6. Most people won’t publish links to blogs on their site.
  7. Don’t take it for granted that large websites like blogger and wordpress will be online forever. They might disappear, but they can also change their name. For example, www.uploadingit.com changed into www.firefile.io so you see that it can happen.

So your first impression will be that your blog is a success, because its importance is overrated. But after a while you will be disappointed because people don’t create links to your blog so its success will be limited.

If you have a hobby, for example, you do sports competition, and you would like that your fans can follow your recent activity, then a blog is OK.

Forums  [edit]


  1. They are hosted on a website with a high page ranking.
  2. They create automatic pages with subforums and 10 messages per page. All these pages are indexed by search engines. They are often on top of search engine results.


  1. They can be swarmed by perps, with only perps posting.
  2. They can display ads on top, at the bottom and in the middle of every page.
  3. It can cost much time to patrol the forum.
  4. As I could see between 2008 and 2013, people come to a forum only if it were created by an organization like FEDAME or FFCHS. A registered domain name makes no difference.

Hosting  [edit]

The best way to put your website online, is a registered domain name with free web space. You make text files with the extension htm. Then you use FTP to upload.

If you wish, then you can still add a blog or a forum to such a website. This is better than a free blog or forum because there are no ads, and you are completely in control. But, this can cost much bandwidth. They might charge you for it.

When you register a domain name, then many websites will publish ‘interesting’ data about your website. So they create links to your website. (Sometimes they will propose to remove ‘interesting’ data like your email address if you are willing to pay.)

Choose a name that is descriptive and that contains the word gang stalking and that ends with .com. A .com is always the best choice.


Some words will result in a better score in the Google results. For example:

The best design for a website is hierarchical.

Statistics  [edit]

Visitor statistics have to be interpreted correctly.

  1. Many visitors are spiders or robots (like search engines).
  2. Many visitors are referer spam. They request a file from your website with an extra line to the request that contains a link to the website that they want to promote. This is recorded in the visitor statistics. Many websites display these statistics. Such pages are spidered by search engines. This makes the promoted website more important.

Promotion  [edit]

A website doesn’t make sense if it has no visitors.

Here are some strategies:

  1. Make the website that you want to promote. Then make a second website. This uses a script to replace its home page with the home page of your first website. Now copy all the websites about gang stalking that you can find and add those pages to your second website. The second website will get a high page ranking, so your first website will get a high page ranking too. This worked reasonably well for Eleanor White.
  2. A website with a specific message will attract readers who search that specific information. For example, if you write that you do body building competition and you experience harassment in this body building world then this will attract readers who search information about harassment in the body building world. Then you could have more readers than when you write about gang stalking in general on a small website with a low ranking that people never find.
  3. Create many websites with many pages. Create links to all your websites on every page. Write big words like God, sex, and Nazis on every page and post large random photographs. This will fool search engines and make them believe that your websites are “important.” Then your websites have a good chance of appearing on top of the search results. This is the strategy of Benjamin Simon. It works, although it’s total trash.
  4. Create several forums which mirror their messages. Every page has a link to all forums. This technique is called incest. This works well for www.bilderberg.org and www.politics.be.
  5. Advertize your website with Google ads. It works for www.DataAsylum.com, although it’s lunatic drivel and disinfo.
  6. Visit many websites and forums. Post a “What is gang stalking” article with a link to your website. This works well for www.GangStalkingWorld.com.
  7. Copy the information from John Finch. Add a link to your website. Send it to all email addresses that you can find. Many people will post this information on their website. This creates a link to your website.
  8. Referer spam.
  9. Say that you are an “organization.” Many people will post a link to your website. This works well for www.ICAACT.org.
  10. The strategy of this website is that en.wikipedia.org is a bad name that is difficult to type and difficult to remember so people type gang stalking wiki in their search engine instead of typing gang stalking in wikipedia.

HTML help  [edit]

I copied a few small websites with much information about HTML:

  1. HTML 4 specification defines all elements and attributes with examples. Start with cover.html.
  2. HTML tags reference has detailed information about the attributes.
  3. htaccess guide has detailed information about the .htaccess configuration files.

Download the free HTML help (ZIP, 672 K).

Demo website  [edit]

I made a small website with all the required functionality:

  1. robots.txt,
  2. error documents,
  3. favicon.ico,
  4. style sheets,
  5. .htaccess file.
  6. The grammar was checked with Grammarian 2.0.
  7. The spelling was checked with Spell Catcher 8.0.1.
  8. The HTML was checked with Alpha 7.4.2.

Download the free demo website (ZIP, 84 K).



© 2013 Cliff Huylebroeck

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